Brad Batz is a Rochester, New York based musician who lives for expressing his life experiences through his art. He caught his performance “bug” from his grandfather, who played the saxes and clarinet during the big band era, as well as from his mother, a clarinet player, who pushed him toward his musical goals.

Brad has been performing since before he was a teenager, performing in various local musicals playing the reed books (saxes, flute, clarinet, oboe and bassoon), various local Top-40 bands, as well as numerous Swing Bands in Rochester. By the time he graduated from high school he had also taught himself how to play the piano and guitar.

Brad went on to study in a number of conservatory settings. These studies have included The Eastman School of Music, Yale Conservatory, as well as other accredited institutions of learning. He has studied with the famous classical saxophone guru Sigurd Rascher, as well as avant-garde trumpet player Paul Smoker. Because of this extensive educational background, Brad is very comfortable in many musical settings. He is adept at playing oboe in a symphony setting then running to a recording session to play flute for a commercial then packing up to lead and play saxophones for one of his Jazz groups. Brad has performed for “The Joan River’s Show”, various touring musicals as well as numerous live and recorded performances. His compositions have been featured on Global TV of Canada, and on various recording sessions, which include The Brad Batz Group. He is also concerned with the next generation of musicians, which leads him to teach, as well as compose, for the young Jazz Ensemble. His passion, drive, attitude and education make him one of the “top call players” in New York State.

Not only is Brad a “top call player” in New York, he has also toured the world. Brad has toured numerous countries, including the United States, Canada and Japan, as well as parts of Europe in his quest to share his love of music and life with as many people as possible.

Brad looks forward to playing for many years to come. He believes that, “If It isn’t perfect, It isn’t right”. That belief will make him strive to grow and learn as much as he can about music, life and himself for many years to come.